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When You Feel Lost, Confused, And Unfulfilled This Is Exactly How You Change It


When You Feel Lost, Confused, And Unfulfilled This Is Exactly How You Change It 1

You feel lost not because you truly are, but rather because you compare to others.

You feel lonely not because you don’t have any friends, but rather because you choose to stay at home, look at other people`s stories and facebook posts, and comparing their life with yours.

You feel incompetent not because you truly are, but rather because you focus on the things that others do instead of looking at the things you have accomplished so far.

You feel unhappy because you have come to terms with the fact that happiness is not a destination but a state of being.  A temporary thing that comes and goes.  Instead of looking forward to the things that are about to happen, you are looking behind and holding on to the past.

Let go of the past and learn to focus on where you are at the moment, not where you were at the past.  What has been done is done. There is no way to recreate a memory. Appreciate what was without focusing on what no longer is.

You feel unloved not because you are, but rather because you haven’t learned to love yourself first.  You haven’t learned to appreciate yourself first. You haven’t taken yourself out to a dinner or to movies. You haven’t sat down with yourself to think.  You have focused on others and their opinion of you if you were doing it instead.

You are surrounded by many people, but you feel like you are all alone. The chances are you are with the wrong people who are not supportive, not encouraging.  And, this is the loneliness feeling ever.

You feel empty only because you have put others` needs before yours.  You haven’t learned to prioritize. To give to yourself first.

You feel like a failure not because of a rejection later or a low grade, rather because you are not looking at these things as lessons.

You feel fatigued and drained as you are not taking care of yourself.  It is not about your job. Or about your sleeping pattern.

You are hungry, but not physically.  Your hunger is associated with your mental and emotional state. You want something more. Something different.  But, there are things that hold you back.

You feel unfilled not because of what you are or aren`t doing. You are not pursuing your dreams. You are not going after the things you want in life.  The things that keep you up at night.

You need to understand that happiness comes down to the things we afraid to do.  As a matter of fact, it comes down to two important things:

  • Finding your passion. Something that makes you happy. Something that keeps you up at night. Something that makes you eager to wake up in the morning.
  • Summoning the courage to let go of toxic people. To let go of things and people that make you feel miserable.