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Vybz Kartel responds to Alkaline, telling him “Addi a di king”! (MUST LISTEN )


Just a few weeks ago the black eyedVendetta Don, fast rising dancehall superstar Alkaline released a song on the DJ Frass Records label titled “Object BingoAlka says that he is a corner league player that has piled Messi because he was under rated.

In the over 200,000 youtube viewed “Object Bingo” Alka say that because he is of a young age, he was underrated by the Gaza Boss, which was the fatal mistake made. He further went on to state that he loves when he taken for an idiot because he allows him to sneak in and take over.

If you remember, in later part of 2014 Alkaline released a DJ Sunshine produced song titled “One inna dem head”, where he first fired shots at incarcerated ‘King of the Dancehall’ Vybz Kartel.

In the song Alkaline said “How some b#$%[email protected] suh comfortable weh dem deh?” this was said to be in reference to Vybz Kartel behind bars, and another line “man a wash u underpants p^%&y u ago dead enuh” is said to speak to the common prison talks”>.

In June on the Studio Vibes Entertainment produced hard-hitting Pandora Riddim, a very serious Vybz Kartel, stated “Who Trick him?.. doh she u bad u naven a kill chicken”.

Vybz Kartel seemed to warn the young deejay, that he is nowhere near his league of ‘badness’ and as such, he should not be fooled by the timely fame he is now basking in,“a nuh yesideh mi pass yuh a bathe dolly?’

Once again the embattled Teacha has responded and has schooled the youngster as to why he is the “Dancehall Hero”. In a preview of his latest song, titled “chain” Vybz states “Weather man get one inna him brain bout bright sunny day. Addi a di king and every day mi a “reign”. Lyrical drugs weh go straight inna vein. I.Q. high haffi stay inna plane. Top Striker but i never play game. Slavery done longtime my ute but mi still love jewellery so mi wear chain”.

The song which is produced by Vybz common law wife Shorty on her Bigga Don DonRecords Label, seem to come just at the right moment when many has been saying dancehall needs a bit of “war”!