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VIDEO: Marvin the Dancer and other men under fire for ‘barbaric’ display against girl


A video has surfaced online showing a girl being humiliated on stage by Marvin the Dancer and at least three other men during one of the popular entertainment personality’s ‘dance’ routines.

The disgusting footage shows Marvin the Dancer and his cronies chasing the obviously frightened and shaken female who does her best to get away from the marauding males who force themselves on her while gyrating wildly.

The female even flees into a room in an attempt to escape the brutish advances of the men but things got only worse for the girl.

One of the men places a bucket over her head and pounds hard on it, all while smiling broadly. The girl was clearly very humiliated.

The footage was so disgusting that Loop News decided not to upset our readers by carrying it.

Popular blogger Tina Chin was among many persons who condemned the act on social media. Chin described the video as “disturbing”.

“Disturbing for the simple fact that their actions are indicative of or can be classified as low level abuse, disguising itself as dancing,” Chin said on Facebook.

“In the video, the female is clearly not approving of their handling. At one point she could be heard saying “No No” Yet these young men continued with the abuse; ripping away her clothing, while she runs for safety!!” Chin added.

Another woman, in reply to Chin, said: “Their actions were inhumane and barbaric… I could also hear a lady in the background saying ‘leave the woman alone’. People nowadays are so heartless.”

In entertainment circles, the dastardly behaviour is said to be part of Marvin the Dancer’s ‘act’ as he has been known to carry out such routines in the name of entertainment on more than one occasion.


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