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UPDATE: Konshens’ brother killed self as friend Laden celebrated birthday


The police have confirmed that Delus, the brother of recording artiste Konshens, has killed himself.

The artiste reportedly killed himself at a house on East Riverside Drive, directly opposite to the Big Ship recording studio in upper St Andrew.

Several artistes had been celebrating the birthday of recording artiste Laden during a lyme at the recording studio when the incident happened.

He had earlier returned from the beach with two female companions.

“We are aware of the situation but we have no details at this time,” a member of the police’s communication arm, the Corporate Communications Unit, told Loop News.

The entertainment fraternity recoiled in horror upon hearing of the incident, inundating Twitter and Instagram with messages of grief and condolences.

“This world has become a crazy and sad place. R.I.P Delus… smh. I just don’t understand…” radio personality Nikki Z tweeted.

Music executive Johnny Wonder posted on Instagram: “#RIP DELUS Condolences to @KonshensSojah and the whole Spence family!!!”

Dancehall artiste Laden was visibly shaken by the incident, as Delus was a close friend, who had celebrated his birthday just a few days ago.

“Me and the man ah par the last couple of days, we play ball together, we hang out,” Laden told Loop News writer Claude Mills.

“The man live across from Big Ship so mi see him pull up with two girls, he was coming from the beach, and mi hail him and say mi a go buy some liquor fi my birthday ting, and when mi forward in, the whole place quiet, mi think say a police come lock off the ting, and when mi hear from the shout, Delus kill himself, mi unda a terrible meds right now, ah mi dawg, mi caan believe him do that to himself,” he added.