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This Woman’s Fiancé Called Off Their $35K Wedding At The Death. What She Did Next Will Inspire You


As every newlywed will tell you, weddings can be expensive affairs, and for a jilted bride, the cost amounts to more than cold, hard cash. What’s a person to do with the debt of an unused venue and catering, not to mention a non-refundable honeymoon?When Quinn Duane found herself ditched a week before her big day, though, the bride-to-be turned what was at first a nightmarish situation into something amazing and, ultimately, inspiring.

When Quinn’s prospective husband got cold feet shortly before their wedding, the would-be bride was left with the stress and humiliation of a wedding dinner, party and honeymoon to un-plan.

The event was set to take place on October 17, 2015 at The Citizen Hotel, a four-star hotel in Sacramento. However, last-minute jitters had the groom, Landon Borup, backing out less than a week before the wedding.

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