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Snapchat feature sparks JAvsT&T Twitter war?


The picture above sparked quite a row on Twitter this afternoon. A user, presumably from Trinidad, posted the famous Jamaica Tourist Board promo with Trinidadian model Sintra Arunte-Bronte and said that it was sad that Jamaica had to use a Trini model to promote their island.

This seemed to rile up Jamaicans. One of the first responses said “still no Snapchat feature hunh?” That seemed to blossom into a full Twitter island war. One presumably Trini user jibed “I see the Jamaican Government has restored internet on the island”. He received a full onslaught for Jamaican twitter users who responded with everything from Jamaica’s Snapchat feature causing jealousy, to the likening of Trinidad to famous unpopular folk characters like Cinderella’s stepsisters and the Destiny Child group members who were not Beyonce. Trinidadians responded with reference to Jamaica’s economy, one even asking the IMF to “bring them down a couple notches by reminding them about their national debt please and thanks.”

Jamaica and Trinidad has long had a testy sociopolitical relationship. That seems to have spilled over onto Twitter. Many users seem to believe it was sparked by Jamaica being the only Caribbean island to have been featured in Snapchat’s week of island features.