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4 signs your relationship is suffocating you


Many suffocating relationships are basic on mistrust. This mistrust could stem from the suffocating partner who was in a bad past relationship or has been cheated one. If you know this is true then don’t be surprised that you’re in a suffocating relationship. But if none- of the above is true then keep reading.

1. Partner shadow

Everywhere you go your partner is with you. You can’t even speak to your family and friends without them being present. You find yourself being alone only when your partner is asleep just like a shadow disappears when it get’s dark. This is common for new couples. But is after the 6 months mark this is still happening then you have a suffocating partner. If you can’t have a telephone conversation without your partner eavesdropping then you should either speak to your companion or let he/she go.

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2. Jealousy

Jealousy is normal in a relationship but when every move you make become proof that you’re “cheating” then there is a problem. You can no longer go out with your friends and/or family members for a too long period of time or your partner will lose his/her mind. There is nothing that you can do to prove to them that you’re being faithful. They could either be insecure or they are projecting what they are doing to you.

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3. People are noticing

Do you ever notice that once your relationship ends everyone around you start to disclose how they really felt about your relationship? Trust me the people you interact with on a day to day basis knows when something is not right with you. They know when you’re not the same. That you’re not happy nor friendly. You may start to work later because you don’t want to go home and face the drama that awaits you. People start to question your behavior. They noticed.

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4. You can’t find peace

Home is no longer your sanctuary. Therefore, you find seeking peace from other places. You may begin to hang out with your friends more or try to numb the stress with alcohol or drugs. Trust me being suffocated by your partner is stressful. I love when people say that: “relationships aren’t supposed to be fun”. LOL, I find that so funny. If you’re not enjoying your partner then why stay in the relationship. 30% of the time you will be arguing about something trivial and 70% of the time you should be having fun. If these percentages are inversed then run!


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If you’ve taken the time to read this post,  that is a great indication that you might be feeling a little or totally suffocated by your companion.

In closing, just because your feeling this way doesn’t mean that you should break up with your partner. All it takes is a conversation to fix this problem. But if your partner doesn’t back off maybe you wouldn’t have any other option but to end the relationship. Since you know what happens after suffocation.