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Grow Back Your Receding Gums In No Time With The Help Of These Natural Remedies


Gingival recession, also known as receding gums, is the exposure of the roots of the teeth by a loss of gum tissue and retraction of the gingival margin from the crown of the teeth.

 Grow Back Your Receding Gums In No Time With The Help Of These Natural Remedies 1Gum recession is a common problem in adults over the age of 40, but it may also occur starting from the age of a teenager, or around the age of 10.

This is a perfect time for bacteria to grow because the gum around the teeth corrodes and it looks like your gums recede backward, and then your teeth are more visible.  Because the root of the tooth will be exposed it can lead to extreme pain and sensitivity of the tooth.

You can lose your tooth because it can have a negative influence on the structure and bone of tooth.


This process is slow and it happens gradually, it is really hard to notice this problem. If your teeth have become very sensitive, and if you noticed that the size of your teeth has changed (that they are larger than before), then you may have these problems because those are the first two indicators.

What causes receding gums?

Gum disease can be caused by other reasons:

1. If you don’t brush your teeth at least once daily, it can lead to calculus which is a hard substance which can lead to gum recession.

2. The opposite of brushing your teeth is aggressive brushing. The enamel on your teeth will be destroyed if you brush your teeth very aggressively which can lead to receding gums.

3. Sometimes it is because of genes. This is a helpless situation.

4. Another thing that can lead to receding gums, especially among women is hormone imbalance.

5. If you are a smoker, then this is another good reason to quit smoking. Not only that smoking causes lung diseases and cancer, it causes receding gums. What leads to receding gums, is that tobacco can get a sticky plaque on teeth.

6. Periodontal diseases(bacterial infection in the gums) cause damage to the supporting bone of the tooth.

7. What puts pressure on teeth and what can cause receding gums is clenching and grinding your teeth, and also using force to take bits while you eat.

8. The weirdest reason is piercing your lips or tongue.

How to treat receding gums

Your doctor can treat receding gums if you notice the problem on time. The doctor will remove the calculus or the plague from your teeth and the surface underneath the gum line. If you don’t notice this problem on time, then you will need to do a surgery on your gums. Regeneration of the lost tissue and bone of gums and teeth, depth reduction, or soft tissue graft may be one of the surgeries you will need to do. There are homemade remedies, and if you consume them you can avoid surgeries. But always ask your doctor if you have gums infection because you never know what kind of damage the infection has done to your gums and teeth. If the problem is not so serious, use some of these homemade remedies, and with proper oral hygiene, you will solve this problem.

How can they grow back?

Gingiva is part of the soft tissue lining of the mouth. They surround the teeth and provide a seal around them. Compared with the soft tissue linings of the lips and cheeks, most of the gingivae are tightly bound to the underlying bone which helps resist the friction of food passing over them. Good oral hygiene with combination with many recipes such as oil can grow your receding gums again.

Homemade recipes for growing back receding gums

Only simple ingredients such as herbs and spices are needed to make this homemade remedies.

Green Tea

A lot of health benefits can be found in green tea because it is full of antioxidants that fight the free radicals that can cause periodontal disease, which is leading to receding gums. It will strengthen the connection between the gums and teeth, and it will lower the swelling of the gums that cause oral diseases. Every morning when you wake up, drink 1 cup of green tea, and you will see the results.

Aloe Vera

Another gum problem-solver is aloe vera. The health benefits that aloe vera has are mostly connected with skin problems because it has many anti-inflammatory abilities and repair capabilities. So now you are wondering how it will help you with receding gums? It will fight against inflammation and will turn on the cells which are very important for repairing of the tissues, and you won’t have another infection because it has an antibacterial ability.

There are 2 ways to use the gel from aloe vera. The first one is to use aloe vera gel like a mouthwash and for brushing. When you flossed and brushed your teeth put some aloe vera gel and after that once again brush the teeth and gums with aloe vera gel for around 3 to 5 minutes.
Another way is to use it like mouthwash. Every day after brushing, take a little bit of aloe vera and dissolve it in water, and then you can swirl it through your mouth.

Oil pulling

By forming a protective layer over your teeth, the sesame oil will reduce the chances of plaque building. With this, you will destroy the toxins in your mouth. It also can help with other oral diseases.
Warm up sesame oil, but do not overheat it. After brushing your teeth take sesame oil in your mouth and gargle it and swirl it around your mouth. You should do this a few minutes.

Coconut oil will reduce the chances of getting infections, which are the reason for receding gums. By healing your cavity and prevent tooth decay this is one effective ingredient for treating receding gums.
After brushing your teeth take a little bit of coconut oil and use it as a mouthwash. Both methods are best to start using 1 to 2 minutes and to increase gradually. The goal is 15 to 20 minutes.


The essential oil is used for many homemade remedies, so you are maybe familiar with the health benefits of it. Germs and bacteria that are in your mouth can be destroyed with essential oil from the eucalyptus, and it will be your protection against other oral diseases.
1 or 2 drops of this oil and 1 or 2 tablespoons of water is what you will need. But do not forget to dilute the essential oil before you put it in your gums. Apply it to your gums and massage it gently, with your toothbrush.


This will stop the recession of the gums and it will prevent additional damages to the gums. It is also used to cure different gums and mouth diseases.

You will need powdered myrrh. Make a paste from it but combining with water. Apply it to your gums and massage it gently just like in the previous method.

Clove oil

A toothache will be past if you use this oil. After every meal, you can chew a clove, and remember that it needs to touch every side of your mouth. It will destroy the bacteria in your mouth and also bad breath. You can cure any oral diseases with this oil.
1 to 2 drops of clove oil will be needed to massage your gums with it, one to three times daily.


Lemons are famous because of their antiseptic and antibacterial abilities. But too much of them can destroy the enamel on your teeth, so do not use lemon oil every day, just use it once every week. It will stimulate the growth of receding gums and it will destroy bad breath. This is how to prepare homemade lemon oil:

– ¼ to ½ cup of olive oil
– ½ to 1 freshly squeezed lemon juice

Mix the olive oil in a jar with lemon juice. Now cover the jar and shake it well. Leave the mixture for a couple of weeks, but shake the jar every day. After three to four weeks you can start using the oil.

Massage your gums for a few minutes, with your fingers, but apply the lemon oil on your fingers before that, 2 times weekly.

Tips for preventing gum recession

It is also better to avoid the disease than to cure it. So there are a few ways to avoid oral diseases. Here are some tips.

Proper oral hygiene
The most important thing you need to do to avoid this problem.

– No aggressive brushing.
– Use gentle strokes and circular motion.
– Brush along your gum line, do not push the gums.

– Use a brush with a small head and soft bristles.
– Floss!!!
– The best way to keep good oral hygiene is to floss and brush after every meal. If you are not able to do that then after every meal uses a mouthwash.

Mouthwash for a clean mouth

Every day you need to free your mouth from bacteria and germs. This is some homemade remedies with essential oils.

– Mix 1 to 2 drops of essential oil, such as sage oil, peppermint, clove or tea tree oil and mixt with ¼ to ½ cups of water. Mix it well and use it every day.

-Hydrogen peroxide is another good way to protect your mouth, but remember to dilute it with water.

Water, water, and water

Drinking water is healthy for the whole body, so it is good to keep your gums healthy too. This is why you should drink more water:
-You will get rid of the toxins from your mouth and your body.
-You will keep your mouth clean. Use water to clean any food that is left on your teeth after every meal.

Eat healthily

Having a proper diet, eating healthy food, like a lot of vegetables and fruits is good for your whole body. A lot of diseases starts with not eating healthy. Junk food will help the bacteria in your mouth to grow which is leading to infections.
The best fruits and vegetables you should consume are the ones with vitamin C. Those are: strawberries, oranges, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, etc.
Try also to avoid cold drinks, and to reduce sugar consummation. Also, do not drink alcohol, do not consume processed food, caffeine and anything that is made of white flour.

Consult with your doctor for any supplements

If you have a vitamin deficiency, you should consult your doctor to see what do you need to consume to increase the intake of those vitamins or other important nutrients. Do this because this can lead to serious health problems.

-Calcium is important for dental and bone health.

-Vitamin C will boost your immune system, and it has a lot of anti-inflammatory abilities.

-Ginkgo biloba will improve your blood circulation, which is needed for healthy gums.

-Zinc will also boost your immune system and it will kill different bacteria that cause infection and oral diseases.

-Coenzyme Q10 will renew your cells and it will help you to grow back your receding gums.