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One Company Created A New Clothing Line For This Heartwarming Reason— Now Everyone’s Talking


Designer Tommy Hilfiger is taking inclusivity to the next level. This week he launched his Spring Adaptive Collection, a third line aimed at people with disabilities.

Despite the fact, that one billion people worldwide live with disabilities, clothing options for them are limited

Hilfiger’s efforts to be more inclusive is a big step forward for diverse fashion

In 2016 Hilfiger collaborated with Runway of Dreams and created his first clothing line for disabled children

Runway of Dreams is a nonprofit organization which works towards the inclusion of disabled people in the fashion industry

This year he designed the second line of clothes for differently abled adults

This line still looks like typical Tommy Hilfiger collection, but with some important alterations

The clothes are modified with magnetic buttons, adjustable hems, velcro closures, one-handed zippers

Hopefully, other designers will follow this example and take a step forward to be more inclusive and diverse

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