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Mavado’s mom dies hours before his son’s murder sentencing delayed


As dancehall star Mavado mourned the death of his mother on Thursday night, the sentencing of his son, Dante Brooks, for murder, was delayed the following day when the son appeared in the Home Circuit Court.


Dante Brooks, 18, and his co-accused, Andre Hinds, were found guilty of murder, illegal possession of firearm and arson in January.

The sentencing hearing was delayed on Friday, as the defence team representing both men had concerns about a victim impact statement.

In light of the concerns, Supreme Court Judge, Justice Leighton Pusey, ordered that the prosecution be given more time to edit the statement in consultation with the defence.

Further, the defence will have additional time to review the social enquiry reports that were prepared for both convicted men.

Brooks and Smith were further remanded in custody until Friday, March 19 for sentencing.

The two were charged in connection with the grisly killing of Lorenzo Thomas in the St Andrew community of Cassava Piece on June 5, 2018.

According to prosecutors, Brooks and Hinds were among five men who entered a house and shot Thomas before pushing his father into another room.

Thomas’ killers reportedly attempted to sever his head, but aborted that plan because the machete that was being used was not sharp enough.

They then allegedly poured gasoline on the house and body before setting the place on fire.

Prosecutors relied on the eyewitness testimony of Thomas’ father, who indicated that he knew his son’s killers from the community.

But as Mavado awaited his son’s sentence on Friday, news emerged on Thursday night that his mother, Elizabeth ‘Ms Pinny’ Gordon, had died. While her cause of death has not been made public, she reportedly died at a hospital.

On Friday, Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, shared a photograph of him kissing his mother on her cheek on Instagram.

“My everything. Jah know I just don’t know what to say mama,” stated the caption he wrote.

In a follow-up Instagram post on Saturday, Mavado shared a photograph of him as a baby sitting in his mother’s lap.

He then went on to describe his mother as his “best friend”, claiming in a lengthy caption that he is now “all alone”.

It stated: “After you told me that your feeling much better and you are telling us that you are ready to go back at your house, I feel so good when you said that to me on the phone. Mama, still can’t believe it now.

“I’m all alone, can’t trust no one, but I could always put my life in your hands from I was a kid.  It was always me and you walking up and down Constant Spring Road. Them days my little sister was just a baby. Them days I always said as a kid, I’m going to buy you the biggest house and the prettiest car when I grow up. l build you the biggest house. I keep my promise mama. I did it and the world will remember us, me and you.

“Jah know, have never felt like this before. Wow, my best friend gone,” ended the caption.

Well over 4,000 persons reacted to the tribute to his mother, with many of them sharing their condolences.