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‘LOTTO SCAM ATTORNEY’: Law student, cronies allegedly scammed elderly US resident of thousands of dollar


teresaThe Jamaican law student arrested in the United States for mail fraud is alleged to have been involved in the lottery scam, in which she and co-conspirators defrauded an elderly victim of US $270,000 (J $34 million at today’s exchange rate).

The allegations against 27-year-old Teresa Wilson are outlined in court document, a copy of which was provided to Loop News by the United States Department of Justice.

Wilson — a resident of Montego Bay, St James who just completed studies at the Norman Manley Law School — has been charged with mail fraud.

“It was a part of the conspiracy that co-conspirators would, and did, willfully devise and participate in a scheme to call an elderly victim, and make material false representation that they were associated with a lottery, including that one of the callers was an attorney for the lottery, to fraudulently obtain the victim’s money,” the document obtained by Loop News stated.

“It was further a part of the conspiracy that the co-conspirators would and did make material false representations that the victim had won approximately [US] $3.5 million as part of the lottery sweepstakes,” the document stated further.

The criminal acts involving Wilson — who calls herself a “wild child”, on her Instagram profile — and her co-conspirators reportedly occurred between October 2014 and March 2015.

The money in question was reportedly sent by the elderly victim on dates in November 2015. On one occasion, the victim is said to have mailed a package containing US $120,000 via UPS from Virginia to a co-conspirator’s address in Florida.

That sum was reportedly collected in March 2015 by a Dwayne Breary who signed the alias Sandra Smith in an effort to conceal who the recipients of the package were.

According to the document, law enforcement officials obtained telephone messages sent by Wilson to a Yanique Coach on March 19, 2015, instructing, “Check the stacks tho,” in reference to money.

A few days later, on March 22, 2015, Wilson reportedly sent a message via telephone threatening Coach. The message reportedly stated in part, “People belly go bang and U can’t step out fi sort out business and save u self… Weh U priorities.”

Another co-conspirator in the scheme was only identified in the document as SS.

The victim reportedly sent the cash after being told that in order to receive the “lottery money” the victim needed to pay fees and taxes in cash.

The victim, who lived in Virginia, was told to send the cash through UPS to various addresses in Florida and Georgia, which the victim allegedly did, sending packages of “large amounts of cash” to South Florida and the Middle District of Florida.

“It was further a part of the conspiracy that Teresa Wilson and another co-conspirator would and did travel from Jamaica to the United States to obtain the packages,” the court documents said.

“It was further a part of the conspiracy that Teresa Wilson and other co-conspirators would and did perform acts and make statements to hide and conceal and cause to be hidden and concealed the purpose of the conspiracy and the acts committed in furtherance thereof,” the document said.

If convicted, the State is seeking a forfeiture order of Wilson’s assets, “which constitutes or is derived from proceeds traceable to the violation, including but not limited to a money judgement representing the amount of proceeds obtained by the defendant as a result of the allegations alleged in the indictment”.