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Jamaican man hang himself after catching girlfriend cheating on him


First, I want to send my condolences to this young man’s family, Please Leave Your Condolences & Read The Article Before You Judge Him.

September 27, 2020, it is said that this male whose name is being kept confidential for the privacy of his children is said to hang himself because of domestic disputes all the time between him & his significant other.

But what is said to trigger him off and lead him to make this decision to take his life is very sad.

After Jamaica Media Online has spoken with the neighbors of the deceased man they said, he and his girlfriend had an argument at about 7 am yesterday morning (9/27/2020) and in the heat of the moment, he said he is tired of everything and he will end it soon so she (his Girlfriend) must not worry.

However, they stop argue and we see him getting ready leaving for work as he normally would every morning. Then at about 3 pm now in the afternoon, we hear cussing (Argument) again so we went outside to see what is taken place, Only to see the deceased man & another man who seems to be his Girlfriend other man fighting at the doorway so we began to part them and the Girlfriend other Man (Bunner Man) Run-Off and the deceased man sister start to argue with the girlfriend saying she is wrong to bring another man in her brother’s home and they argue and argue till they have done.

Now the next morning we hear the deceased man’s mother cry out loud Jesus Christ Help Help!!! and we all run outside to see is what only to see him hanging from the tree and this is at about 6 am in the morning we tell you, it is very said to see this much less for his 4-year-old daughter who loves her father very much it pains Our Heart said the Neighbor.

Jah know what is going on😭😭😭 I cant imagine what that poor mother going through seeing her child like this smh Her cries mek mi want cry to 😭😭DEPRESSION AND STRESS IS REAL😔😔

Posted by Avadean Willis on Monday, September 28, 2020