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J Capri Funeral: Dancehall Celebrities Turn Out To Pay Respect


Christopher Martin and Lady Saw were among the entertainers who turned out to celebrate the life of J Capri at the late deejay’s funeral service at the UWI Chapel in Mona, St Andrew on Monday.

Cherine Anderson delivered a touching tribute in song at the start of the service. Many family and friends tearfully watched as she stirred their hearts with arendition of Brandy’s Missing You.

‘Dancehall Queen’ Carlene, Romain  Virgo, Alaine, Dean Fraser, producer Christopher Birch and D’Angel were also spotted at the service.

Crystal Davis, the daughter of Carlene and ‘King of the Dancehall’ Beenie Man, was noticeably emotional at the service and was seen crying in her mother’s arms.

J Capri, 23, given name Jordan Phillips, died on Friday, December 4, just over a week after being hospitalised following a horrific car accident in St Andrew. Reports said the Mercedes Benz she was driving slammed into a wall in Barbican Square about 3 am and overturned.

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