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Here Is What It Means to Overthink Everything!


Are you one of those people who overthink everything?

If so, you probably overthink the unanswered text message, as you have been creating it for about 3 hours. You overthink the constant fear of loss, as you believe everything is too good to be true. You probably overthink the claiming to be a night owl, as it sounds much better than saying that you are up at 2:00 AM (since your mind does not give you a break.) You probably overthink the apology you should not make.

If you overthink everything, you are less likely to find happiness.

You feel like you are continually looking deeper than the surface and looking over your shoulder. You watch for the smallest changes as well as wonder why.

You notice when your partner takes a bit longer to reply, and you reread your old messages wondering if you said something wrong or if it was your fault. You notice when their voice changes, or when they call you at a different time than they usually do.

You also find some reason to doubt them, due to your own irrational thoughts, even if they are utterly flawless.

You wonder if they are mad at you as they missed your call.

You often wonder if you did not say enough or if you said too much.

You wake up in the morning and check to see if they have ghosted you, due to the constant reassurance that you want to hear.

Furthermore, you overthink the most extreme situations. You know that when you have a feeling about something, you are often right. You are a highly intuitive person and are able to sense when a piece of your life is about to feel a hurricane.

You overthink how something could go wrong. Even when everything is perfect and you feel on top of the world, you still wait for something that could go wrong.

You may not want to change your career as you doubt your ability to learn something different.

You are indecisive and are afraid of making even the smallest decision since you are unsure about the outcome.

The maybes and the what ifs take over your brain as well as prevent you from falling asleep at night. When you go to bed, you create and manipulate different scenarios and wonder how different life would be in case you did not leave that person, stayed in that city, changed your career, or kept that friend.

You cannot exactly pinpoint when your mind started overthinking. About ninety percent of the time people do not understand you. Namely, they say that you are crazy, paranoid, dramatic, or that you simply look too deep into everything.

But, you are probably OK with those who do not understand you, as you do not expect them to. You are aware that you aren’t an easy person to be with, to be close to, or to love.

You are also aware that others do not want to be with somebody that overthinks and overanalyzes each aspect of life. You understand that it is hard to even be friends with somebody that requires continual support.

You feel emotionally drained, so you may only imagine how your friends and your partner feel.

Others probably tell you how you could have kept your mouth shut or how you could have done something different and then perhaps things would be OK. But, honestly, would they be OK?

You sometimes wish for only a week, even only a day, that you could have a mind that’s at ease, only one day to feel as calm as you look.

Perhaps it’d be easier or perhaps it’d not be. Either way, overanalyzing everything has actually enabled you to always give more and accept less. It has enabled you to always love unconditionally, regardless of how many times you have been torn apart.