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Goats Stolen from 7-Year-Old Farmer


Seven-year-old Devoni Grant, who once owned eight goats and operated a promising livestock enterprise with his father in Sandy Bay, Clarendon, experienced the unfortunate event of thieves stealing four of his goats, including his favorite named ‘Gal’.

Devoni, deeply attached to his goats, felt emotional about the loss. His father, a businessman with a construction background, shared in an interview with JIS that at his son’s urging, they started planting crops in their backyard and ventured into goat rearing as a means of business. Devoni’s love for the animals and his desire to earn his own money influenced his decision.

The elder Grant recalled how they gradually increased the number of goats to eight, including a Nubian breed for variety, before the theft occurred. Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Pearnel Charles Jr., learned about the incident two days later and made a promise to help Devoni rebuild his herd. During the Jamaica 4-H Clubs National Achievement Day Expo at the Denbigh Showground in Clarendon on May 12, the minister announced that Devoni was one of six young individuals who would receive a goat from the ministry.

The father explained that the minister not only offered to replace the stolen goat but also pledged support in improving rearing techniques, assisting with registration with RADA (Rural Agricultural Development Authority) for guidance on proper goat care, and helping set up a suitable pen for them.