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IT FINALLY HAPPENED!! YouTube Prank Video Maker Was SHOT . . . Dudes Were Pretending To Be TERRORISTS!!! (Look At Their Videos . . . They Wanted To DIE)


The Jalal brothers recently gained massive notoriety after posting a series of videos to Facebook where they dress up in Arabic-style robes and hurl suspicious parcels at random strangers while running off and sparking panic in their targets.

The brothers, a group from Melbourne, Australia, call themselves the Jalals and posted their third bomb scare prank video. The reactions they get are typically the same – the victim running away in sheer panic whether out of their vehicle, up an escalator or even into a body of water.

This time, however, they apparently got a different reaction while filming for their fourth video. One of the brothers was shot in the stomach after “pranking” the wrong man. The incident occurred late on a Tuesday night in a parking garage in East Melbourne.

The brother is said to be in critical but stable condition at St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital.

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