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Fighting 6 Different Types Of Body Fat


Have you ever wondered why the “latest, greatest” fat burning tips don’t always seem to work for you? The answer might be found in your body type. Each person is unique, but researchers have discovered six basic body types when it comes to gaining and retaining unwanted excess weight. Once you’ve pinpointed your body type, you can learn effective tools for eliminating that unwanted fat safely.

Listed below are the six different body types as well as some of the proven strategies that can help people of all different shapes and sizes lose and keep weight off.

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1. Top Heavy Weight Gain

Fighting 6 Different Types Of Body Fat 2The Why:

Researchers believe that people who gain and retain extra pounds above their midsection do so because they’re not burning all the calories they take in throughout the day. Basically, it’s because of a lack of exercise and eating too much, especially too many unhealthy foods.

The Solution:

The solution to this type of weight gain is two-fold. First, get active. Aerobic exercise is the most effective for burning fat for this body type. You could start out with a walk, then build up to jogging or even running. If you want an exercise that’s easier on the joints, consider swimming. You might even look into doing aerobic exercise workout videos or joining a local gym. 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise can work wonders for losing that stubborn upper body weight.

Another key component for this type to keep in mind for losing weight is cutting out refined sugar in both your food and beverages. You could meet with a nutritionist to find out the correct amount of calories you should be consuming for safe weight loss. Then keep track of your overall caloric intake and cut out any high-calorie junk foods. You may be pleasantly surprised by the quick results you see.

2. Lower Belly Weight Gain

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The Why:

Some of the reasons for this type of weight gain can be psychological. Research demonstrates that people suffering from anxiety and depression as well as those dealing with stressful life situations are prone to gain weight in this area of the body due to overproduction of the hormone cortisol.

The Solution:

Take steps to lower your stress level. Eliminating some activities from your overcrowded schedule. Make time for some relaxing breathing exercises and periods of peace and quiet. This can help your body to stop producing so much cortisol. Consuming hot, green tea can also help soothe your nerves as well as curb your appetite for unhealthy food.

3. Thigh And Buttocks Weight Gain

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The Why:

Eating large amounts of gluten can lead to weight gain in this particular area of the body. Bread, pastry, crackers, and even flour tortillas all contain gluten. If this food group is your weakness, you can expect to carry extra pounds in your thighs.

The Solution:

Cutting down on or entirely eliminating gluten could be your key to trimmer thighs. Instead of skipping meals, start your day off right with a healthy, gluten-free breakfast to kick off your metabolism and avoid the temptation to give in to your cravings. You can also try exercises that target this area of the body, such as stair climbing, hiking on hills, or biking.

4. “Beer Belly” Weight Gain

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The Why:

There’s a reason why a swollen stomach area has been nicknamed a “beer belly.” For many individuals who have this body type, the reason is related to their alcohol consumption habits. If you drink a significant amount of alcohol on a regular basis, it can take a toll on your waistline.

The Solution:

Reducing or even eliminating your alcohol consumption may be the key to overcoming your belly fat problem. You could end up benefiting your health in numerous other ways as well. You can also improve your overall health and eliminate excess weight by exercising portion control and eating a few healthy snacks between sensible meals to curb cravings. You may also be pleasantly surprised by the boost of energy you feel.

5. Swollen Leg Weight Gain

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The Why:

Many women struggle with carrying excess weight throughout their legs and ankles. If you have any type of leg circulation disorder or you had difficulties with your veins during pregnancy, you may struggle to keep weight off your legs. Overconsumption of salt can also lead to retaining water and swelling.

The Solution:

If you have this body type it’s important to watch your salt intake and stay active throughout the day. Don’t sit still for more than 30 minutes at a time. Walking is a great way to shed excess pounds off of your legs. You may also want to prop your feet up if you notice swelling in your calf areas and ankles.

6. Upper Back and Stomach Weight Gain

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The Why:

When you see a combination of weight accumulation in these two areas of your body, it’s likely due to a sedentary lifestyle. It can also be due in part to not getting a proper amount of sleep. When you lack sleep, your body’s hormone production is thrown out of whack, which can lead to food cravings.

The Solution:

Make sure you are getting proper amounts of sleep and exercise. Consider speaking to a nutritionist to find out the right caloric intake for someone your height and age who would like to lose weight. Increase your fiber intake to fight junk food cravings and also help your body absorb calories properly. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how fast you’re able to get your back and stomach areas back into shape.

No matter what body type you may have, proper diet and exercise are crucial to reaching your optimal health and weight loss goals! If you found this article helpful, click SHARE too to burn a couple of calories as well as educate your friends 😉