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The Difference between Soulmates and Life Partners


The Difference between Soulmates and Life Partners 1

How would you define a soul mate? Something like a best friend, but more? A person who knows you better than anyone else?

Well, a soul mate is a person you cannot walk away from easily. It is someone who you cannot imagine being without.  A person who is in-tune with your soul and a person who makes you question your beliefs and viewpoints and change them for the better if needed.

On the other hand, a life partner is a person who is a companion and a person you can count on in difficult situations.

Characteristics of Soulmate Relationships

  • An extremely deep, spiritual connection! It oftentimes feels like you have known each other for a long time, even if you haven’t. There is something inexplicable that makes you drawn toward each other.
  • You often experience something similar to Déjà vu, which makes you think that you have experienced far more with that person.
  • It seems like you are capable of reading each other`s thoughts and communicating by reading each other`s eyes.
  • You share the same traits, whether they are positive or negative. It fact, you have experienced many of the same things in life long before you have met each other.
  • Your moods affect each other.
  • You can sense what your loved one is feeling or thinking even when you are not together physically.
  • When you sense what your loved one is feeling, you start feeling the same things too.
  • You feel like you can make notable changes in your life if you decide to, and even important changes in the world.
  • You know that your love will keep burning in the same way even if it changes at a certain point.
  • A soulmate can also be relatives and friends, they don’t always have to be romantic partners. Still, you will always have a strong and energetic connection with that person.

Characteristics of Life Partner Relationships

  • An extremely strong physical attraction both ways!
  • Everything seems exciting when you are together!
  • Everything is quite high, there are not any lows.
  • The relationship is based on reason and logic before everything else.
  • You share the same beliefs and morals.
  • You feel a sense of both emotional and financial stability by being together.
  • You make each more stable and grounded.
  • Your relationship doesn’t suffer from any extremes; you get along like best friends.
  • When you are together, you want to live for and in the moment more than any other time.
  • You could keep dating and be happy and fulfilled or you could get married, start a family and be 100% happy.