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Dad’s Heart-Wrenching Reaction To Baby Getting Shots Has Already Melted 12 Million Hearts


Any parent will tell you that when their child gets hurt, it hurts them worse. Watching your child go through any kind of pain – whether emotional or physical – is heartwrenching.

New dad Antwon Lee experienced this firsthand when he had to take his two-month-old son Debias King to the pediatrician for a round of vaccines.
It’s clear from a video taken in the room that this father and son already have a very strong bond. As the nurse gave Debias the medicine before giving him the shots, Antwon held him close and tried to comfort him.

“You’re taking it like a champ!” he encouraged his little one. “Stay strong. Look at me.”

“I know you’re gonna cry, but it’s okay to cry,” he added, anticipating what lay ahead.

As you watch, it’s clear the pep talk isn’t only for Debias. Antwon is trying to psych himself up, knowing it’s going to break his heart to see his son in pain.

Antwon held Debias’ hand as the nurse came over to give him his shots. Predictably, the baby began to cry as he got stuck with the needles. Antwon bathed his face with kisses and continued to give him words of encouragement. It seemed as though he was trying to hold back his own tears in the moment.

Once it was all over, Antwon joked around with his son and the nurses, holding Debias close and asking him to tell him what the nurses had done to him as his cries slowly subsided.

Antwon shared the video on Facebook, never expecting it to go viral, but it’s clear it has resounded with many parents’ hearts all over the world. The video has already been viewed over 12 million times in just a few days!

While he didn’t expect to gain internet fame, Antwon said he is glad he did and hopes other fathers will see the video and be encouraged to be in their kids’ lives.

“I want fathers to be in their child’s life,” he said. “Every father should take care of their child and show up for things like doctor’s appointments.”

He revealed that the same day the video was posted his own father passed away, making the moment he had with his son all the more precious. As he grieves his own father’s passing, he is filled with even more gratitude for Debias.

“I signed up for fatherhood,” he said. “And I thank God that I did.”

Watch the precious video of Antwon and Debias below:

I felt his pain, wait till the end ?

Posted by Debias King Lee on Thursday, October 26, 2017

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