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Artwork By Jamaican Visual Artist Maia Chung Chosen For Honour And Publication In Japan


Jamaican Visual Artist Maia Chung’s Work Selected for Honours Recognition and Publication in Global Art Olympia 2019 International Biennial

The top works of art, making the cut for the third International Open Art Event, “Art Olympia 2019,”, were announced by the judges to artists around the world on Thursday, July 18-2019.

This year’s judges received 5-thousand six hundred and eighty-four pieces of art (5,684) from 100 countries, out of this high level of submissions, the jurors deemed just a mere 19 percent, worthy of honors, awards, and exhibition, for this 2019 judging.

Amongst the works selected for honoring and for use in art publications, linked to the Art Olympia organizations, is that of Jamaican visual artist Maia Chung.

Her triptych piece Rorschach Garden of the ID, painted 2018/2019, has been accorded recognition from over 200 of the five thousand works, assessed by art specialists from around the world, as being of a standard to receive honors.

The work by Chung represents the only Caribbean and Jamaican artwork to be chosen for this recognition in the 2019 Art Olympia.

Literally, Chung’s piece falls into just three percent of the pieces assessed by the panel to be at the standard being sought by the judges, for honors.

According to the Art Olympia executive Chung’s work falls into the category of “great works”, which the judges favor with an honorable mention. Artists with honorable mentions are listed by name in an art magazine, and their works listed in the Art Olympia catalog and on the Art Olympia website. Granting their talents worldwide exposure.

Artwork By Jamaican Visual Artist Maia Chung Chosen For Honour And Publication In Japan 1

Chung is delighted by the development and is honoured to represent her country for the second time internationally, in her capacity as a visual artist.

She said, ” this is a very important and huge step for my life as an artist, these jurors are faced with the best the art world has to offer and chose my work. It is an important step in the lifespan of my art career and continuation… in terms of branding and development and accessing more global training to ensure my work develops and gets better and better. This is important to me as I represent my nation in this field”.

She added, ” To have started in 2016 and have my work being acclaimed globally is very awesome and humbling and scary”.

Her first time, representing Jamaica, as a visual artist was 2018, when her work ‘Miss Jamaica Pain’ was selected by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) art collection curators, to be exhibited in its international moving art installation, Sidewalk of the Americas.

The piece still graces the walls of the IDB headquarters in present day.

Art Olympia is implemented focusing on the three concepts of HUB, Excavation and Practice.

In the HUB portion the executive seeks to discover talented artists and direct them to where they might have more potential.

The executive indicated that while many artists are probably working in their own country, there may be potential for some of them to be more recognised abroad rather than in their own countries.

Art Olympia 2019 has taken the role, to act as a hub for discovering such artists and directing them to where they might have more potential.

In the Excavation portion … the jurors seek to discover artists with potential to be recognised internationally

Art Olympia invited entries by the public from around the world, and invited art experts to serve on the jury from within Japan and abroad.

With a jury from various fields in the art world Art Olympia aims to discover artists who can work on a global scale.

In the Practice portion… the executive seeks the creation of new art for the next generation by international artists.

Art Olympia’s ultimate goal is “to create new art for the next generation by international artists.”

The organisers said further that Art Olympia’s utmost pleasure would be to help artists to advance overseas, expand cultural exchanges between them, and create new art for the next generation through mutual cooperation.

Entries were invited from two hubs, one in Tokyo (for works from within Japan) and the other outside of Japan. The judging of the submissions was carried out by international art experts in the art world.

The jury is invited from Japan, the USA, France and other countries to make the final review. The event is in its third iteration and was organised by Organized by Art Olympia Executive Committee.

Co-organized by Living National Treasure Museum

Planned and Collaborated by Yoshimoto Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Co-sponsored by Toshima City, Weekly Center Co., Ltd.

Supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

In sharing the rationale, behind the 3-year event head of the executive committee for Art Olympia 2019, Head of the Art Olympia Executive Committee ······ Nobuhiro Yamaguchi said, “I have been interested in art for more than 30 years, and have produced artworks and founded museums. I have experienced unfair or opaque examinations at art exhibitions of works from the public.

“Such being the case, I have always wanted to discover talented artists and back them up, and my longtime dream was finally fulfilled when I established “Art Olympia.” It is an international art exhibition of works from the public, where all the entries are assessed in a fair and equitable manner, using a points system to rank them.

“We are looking forward to seeing unique, attractive and finely expressive works that transcend imitation or convention. I would be so happy if Art Olympia could help talented artists to become internationally recognized and continue to work as artists for their lifetimes. ”

The competition gave away a total of approximately USD 500,000 in cash awards and prizes for supporting artist activities.

This third Art Olympia accepted two-dimensional artworks. Acrylic, watercolor, pastel, mineral pigments, print, charcoal, digital/multimedia art, mixed media, photography, etc. will be also accepted.

A primary review was done using artwork images, the final review used the actual artworks. Moreover, the final review was used as a point-rating system, allowing the public to check the reviewing process.

Art Olympia is held once every two years.