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Anger Management Tips: Do These 6 Things Next Time You’re Angry

Do These 6 Things Next Time You’re Angry

Do These 6 Things Next Time You’re Angry

Contrary to popular belief, anger management is not for those who are filled with rage all the time only. Everyone has to learn how to calm down and express their feelings the right way.  This article presents 6 tips on how to manage anger, so try them out them out the next time you are annoyed.


1. Look For A Productive Outlet For Your Anger

Commenting on the things that brought to the state of anger in the first place only escalates the feelings. What you need to do is to be more self-disciplined and look for an outlet for your anger.  This will help you let out the negative energy and deal with the problem constructively.  Good examples of problem-solving outlet for anger include running, weightlifting, making music, writing, or painting.  Whether it is a physical activity or a creative one, it still helps.

2. Cure Resentment With Forgiveness

Staying angry at someone basically allows them to have power over you and your feelings.  Forgiving them helps you release yourself and regain your freedom. While forgiving someone you are really furious at can be difficult, it is the key to curing resentment.  Of course, everything depends on the person who upset you. If the person negatively affects you and stops you from attracting good things, you might consider cutting them out of your life.  But, if the person matters to you, discussing the issue and offering forgiveness is the right thing to do.

3. Use Relaxation Techniques

There are various relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing exercises, creative visualization, relaxing imagery, and more.  The combination of deep breathing and affirmations is extremely potent and helpful as well. Inhale deeply and exhale just as slowly. As you are doing this, use an affirmation like “I am calm and in control”. Repeat a few times.

4. Rely On Cognitive Restructuring

Most people curse or feel the urge to hit something when they are angry. But, this only reinforces the negative energy.  You need to strive towards cognitive restricting, a technique which involves changing of thought processes.  For instance, if you are struggling with a project at work and think things like “I will never finish this”, you are only fueling your frustration.

5. Become A Better Listener

You need to learn to listen actively, which reduces the potential of misunderstandings and full-blown anger.  Listen without interrupting and pay attention to body language and any subtle cue.  Reflecting back a summary of what the other person said is also beneficial.

6. Use Hypnosis For Anger Management

Self-hypnosis helps you achieve a calm and stress-free and encourages a positive state-of-mind and good habits.