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Amber Guyger found guilty of murder at trial in fatal shooting of neighbor Botham Jean


A jury found ex-Dallas police officer Amber Guyger guilty of murder in the death of Botham Jean, her 26-year-old neighbor.

Guyger fatally shot Botham in his own apartment, which she said she mistook for hers.

Here’s what we know about the case:

  • The verdict: The jury deliberated less than 24 hours. The jury had two questions for the court this morning before they reached the verdict, according to attorneys for the Jean family. They asked for the definition of manslaughter and for additional information on the so-called castle doctrine — the legal notion that your home is your castle, and you have the right to use lethal force to defend your home and not retreat.
  • “Huge victory”: Outside court, S. Lee Merritt, an attorney for Jean’s family, called the rare murder conviction against a police officer a “huge victory” not only for the victim’s family but also “for black people in America.”
  • Sentencing hearing: The jury heard from Jean’s mother, who described the day she learned her son had been fatally shot. “My life has not been the same,” she said today in court. “It’s just been like a roller coaster.”
  • Possible sentence: With the murder conviction, Guyger, 31, faces up to life in prison.