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96-yr old woman sells her house: Then buyers look inside, reveal 72 yr old secret


Have you ever looked at that neighbor that you never talk to and wondered what their house looks like?

If it’s neat and tidy or a complete mess. What the neighbors normally watch on TV, if they argue a lot. I live in an apartment, and sometimes I catch myself gazing out of my window and into the apartments opposite me.

Sometimes I’m jealous of how beautifully decorated they are, it’s almost like they’ve been lifted straight out of a magazine. While others are so filthy I don’t understand how anyone could live there.

In 2014, a 96-year-old woman from Toronto, Canada was trying to sell her house in Bloor West Village.

On the outside, it looked like any other house in the area – non of her neighbors had ever been in the house. They had no idea what was hidden inside.

Now you’re probably wondering whether it looked terrible inside. It can sometimes happen, especially for the elderly who don’t have anyone to help them keep the house in a good state. It’s understandable that people don’t have as much energy to keep the house in order when they get older.

But this woman had a surprise hidden inside her home that nobody could have imagined.

The simple exterior of this Toronto hidden gem. 

Behind the front door is this unforgettable entryway.


Her signature style of tone-on-tone colors can be seen in her living room. 


The dining room looks like it was taken right out of a movie set! 


The kitchen even features a classic, 1950s Moffat stove!


Yes, she even has an adorable breakfast nook!


The master bedroom is stunning. With bold purple hues, you’re sure to feel like royalty in this room!


Let’s hope your guests like pink! Her guest bedroom is covered in bubblegum pink.


And we can’t forget about the basement! According to the homeowner, this is where the fun really happens!


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