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40 Black Celebrities You May Not Have Known Were of Jamaican Descent



Actress Kerry Washington’s mother is Jamaican.


R&B singer Alicia Keys’ father is Jamaican.


L.A. rapper Tyga’s father is from Jamaica.


Rapper Bobby Schmurda is ‘Jamaican.’


Artist and Black Eyed Peas member Will.i.am has Jamaican parents.


Popular television newscaster Al Roker’s mother is Jamaican. Astro-600x496

Rapper Astro’s mother is Jamaican. Big-E-Langston-600x337

WWE intercontinental champion Big E Langston’s parents are from Jamaica. Biggie-Small-600x337 Both of the parents of the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. are from Jamaica.

Rapper Bushwick Bill was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Busta-Rhymes-Azealia-Banks-Partition-Remix

Rapper Busta Rhymes has Jamaican parents. Camille-McDonald-600x400

Both parents of model Camille McDonald are Jamaican. Canibus-600x337

Rapper Canibus was born in Kingston, Jamaica. caribe-ben-gordon-1

NBA player Ben Gordon’s mother and father are from Jamaica. Christopher-Kid-Reid-600x420

Rapper and actor Christopher Reid has a Jamaican father. chubb-rock

Rapper Chubb Rock was born in Kingston, Jamaica. colin-powell.jpgw560-600x450Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s mother and father are Jamaican. Corbin-Bleu-600x400

Actor Corbin Bleu has a Jamaican father. David-Paterson-600x393

The father of David Paterson, the first Black New York governor, is from Jamaica. DJ-Kool-Herc-600x340

The founder of hip-hop music, DJ Kool Herc, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Gil-Noble-600x390

Both parents of the late pioneer journalist Gil Noble were Jamaican. Grace-Jones-600x399

Singer and model Grace Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Gunplay-600x320

Rapper Gunplay’s mother is from Jamaica. Harry_Belafonte-600x375

The mother of political activist Harry Belafonte is from Jamaica.

heavy-d Late rapper Heavy D was born in Mandeville, Jamaica.

Rapper KRS-One is of Jamaican descent.

Former heavyweight champion boxer Lennox Lewis was born to Jamaican parents. louis-farrakhan-600x411

Minister Louis Farrakhan’s father is from Jamaica. Luther-Campbell-600x337Rapper Uncle Luke has a Jamaican father. Mya-600x354

Singer Mya’s father is Jamaican. naomi-campbell1-600x461

Model Naomi Campbell’s parents are from Jamaica. olivia-1

R&B singer Olivia is of Jamaican descent. Patrick-Ewing-600x337

Former NBA star Patrick Ewing was born in Jamaica. pepa-600x387

Sandra “Pepa” Denton, of the pioneer rap group Salt-N-Pepa, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Pete-Rock-600x318

Rapper Pete Rock’s parents hail from Jamaica. Sean-Kingston-600x480

Artist Sean Kingston’s parents hail from Jamaica.  He moved to the island when he was 6 and attended high school in Ocho Rios. Sheryl-Lee-Ralph-600x479

Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph’s mother is from Jamaica. Ralph was raised in Mandeville, Jamaica. Slick-Rick-600x400

Pioneer rapper Slick Rick’s parents are from Jamaica. special-ed-600x337

Eighties rapper Special Ed’s mother and father are from Jamaica.

Tyson-BeckfordModel Tyson Beckford’s parents are from Jamaica. He lived in Jamaica from when he was an infant until he was 7 years old.