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15 Signs He’s Not Just Your Boyfriend, He’s Your Soulmate


I have realized when you are truly in love, tough situations only make you stronger.

He is my lover but more than that, he is my friend but more than that, a soul mate perhaps? I don’t know what I would ever do without him. Okay, here are a few signs that scream, ‘He is more than a Boyfriend, He’s your Soulmate’. I hope you guys can relate.

he same way when you look like someone who has had a fight with a pack of raccoons!

3. You sing songs to one another

He has a horrible voice, I mean zero talent, but I absolutely love it when he sings for me. He often sings to me at night, my sisters often make fun of me but I think it’s so romantic.

Oh, did I mention I sing for him too? The only problem is that I am worse than he is and whenever we sing together, it sounds so awful but we sing out hearts out anyway. It’s amazing to see how much we have grown as a couple, because when our relationship began, I couldn’t even cough in front of him.

4. You send him silly pictures of yourself

You send him the most ridiculous pictures and you don’t feel insecure at all. Early morning pictures; you probably think that you look like a monkey and you are probably right (Oh yeah, I mean pictures with no makeup on, completely bare skinned), pictures of your sweaty self in after the gym and, oh yeah, late night selfies when you look like a distraught owl.

But that’s fine, who cares? Just last night, I sent my partner the ugliest pictures of myself, to which he graciously replied saying, ‘Aw baby you look so cute’. Someone else would have dumped my ugly self right there. Double chin in the air, I don’t care!

5. You end up laughing your butt off each time you have an argument

You have trouble taking him seriously, which might be a matter of concern in the long run; because every time he tries to impress the importance of something, you can’t help but laugh. He has such a cute angry face, plus you know he wouldn’t mind if you laugh your butt off. You know you will get through it

6. He loves the way you roll

Have you watched Kung Fu Panda? If you have, you know what I am talking about here. You often text him about how you handle certain, everyday situations and he is freaking proud of you. Just the other day, I told him how there was so much food left after the party; I had no place to store it so I decided to have an eating competition with my younger brother. Needless to say, I won. He thinks that I am bloody brilliant to come up with such an idea!

7. Silence is a cherished moment

In my case, it’s rare as well, mostly because I talk way too much. Apart from that, I wouldn’t mind looking at the stars while holding his hand. Moments of silence carry so much more than just space, they speak of all the memories you both have created and every dream your future holds for you. Some things don’t need to be said; they can be read in your partner’s eyes.

8. You don’t gross each other out

You know that he has constipation and bid him well with, ‘I know you can push through this situation, you are stronger that you anticipate’. He also probably knows that you haven’t taken a bath in three days, and you know he forgets to flush the toilet, (every time) so you run in after him, to flush the toilet before anyone else finds out. Yeah, love is messy business and sometimes it means having each others back no matter how stinky it gets.

9. You guys literally have no secrets

You know one another like a book and have zero secrets. It’s amazing how one person knows so much about you. They know about your most embarrassing moments and you know your secret is safe with them. You tell them everything, my partner has a female friend who told me that my partner’s ex is dating one of his close friends, she told me not to tell him but I absolutely had to.

He told me that she always seemed interested in that guy and he suspected that something was going on between them but he trusted her. I told him to forget about it and we never talked about it again.

A month later, some of his friends came over to tell him what was going on, my boyfriend put on his best (I had no idea what was going on between them) face and thanked them for being there for him. Wink.

10. He isn’t afraid to wait for you

Your relationship is so much more than intimacy and physicalities, he doesn’t pressure you for it, he doesn’t manipulate you into doing anything and he respects your opinion. I know so many girls how don’t want to have sex, but they end up having it anyway because their boyfriends talk them into having it. Which is ridiculous, no matter what they do girls don’t let anyone have their way with you.

Just so you know he waited three years for me, before I was finally ready. He didn’t pressure me even once. So I know when a guy tells a girl that he cannot keep it in his pants on, he is probably lying.

12. He is your number one

Doesn’t matter if it’s good news or bad news, whatever happens, he is the first person you call. You share every details of your life with each other and trust one another with life. I’m gonna be your number one, number one, oh. Remember that song?

13. You are an absolute garbage truck in his presence

You gorge yourself with food when he is around, your belly might hang out from all the eating but you don’t break a sweat. Everything that comes at you goes down the drain. The amazing thing is he falls deeper in love with you every time he watches you stuffing a hamburger in your mouth. You aren’t afraid to eat his half of the fries.

14. You can be a baby around them

You can be an absolute baby in their presence, and they love every bit of it. I literally punch him and make a run for it; he eventually catches up to me, because I am a fat cow and he tickles the hell out of me. The first time our parents saw us handing out, they couldn’t believe that we were dating. This is exactly what my mother said, ‘I seriously cannot believe that you guys are dating’.

15. You guys are brutally honest

I mean ‘they will rip your skin off of your flesh’ kind of honest. You say things the way they are, you aren’t afraid to sugarcoat them because you know your partner will never bring you harm. Your level of trust has class.

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