Which Tarot Sign Matches Your Zodiac Sign? Here’s What It Means


We cannot help but admit that there is something mysterious and quite interesting about tarot cards, whether or not we are a fan of them.  Although there are various differences between tarot and astrology, they are still related in many ways.

Some cards in the tarot deck represent each of the twelve signs while the numbers in the deck are associated with the practice of numerology. Knowing the tarot card which rules your sign can help you comprehend the essence of one`s character and the challenges they will face in their lifetime.

Aries: The Emperor

The Emperor represents a born leader who uses their charm and charisma to get others to do what they have put their mind into.  If the card is upside down during reading, it means that you should re-asses your goals and use your inner resources to achieve them.

Taurus: The Hierophant

This card stands for the spiritual transition from student teacher and suggests you to learn as much as  possible.  Earn respect by gaining deeper knowledge and experience and eventually becoming an expert in the field.

Gemini: The Lovers

The Lovers represents the challenges of picking the right partner, but for Gemini it represents the challenge of making any choice in general.  This card suggests the Gemini to consider their interest prior making a decision.

Cancer: The Chariot

The cancer utilizes their mental capabilities to focus their energy on the right thing.  This sign is great for choosing security and the chariot as a card advises them to steer themselves through the changes that come at certain point in their lives.

Leo: Strength

This card represents the strength of Leos but also suggests that both their physical and mental strength will be tested.  It advises them to make a difference between their ego and their intuitive self.

Virgo: The Hermit

The Hermit represents the way outer word can be exhausting for Virgos, who are very sensitive individuals. It also advises them to spend more time alone and basically retreat from the outer world.

Libra: Justice

The Justice represents Libra`s desire for fairness and it teaches that the natural balance can be often interrupted.  In addition, it teaches that they are perfect in their own way, so they should embrace their flaws and let go of the definitions of right and wrong.

Scorpio: Death

There is no need to worry, as this card doesn’t represent literal death of a person.  It represents transformation into new life and letting go of things and people that don’t serve you anymore.

Sagittarius: Temperance

This card advises the Sagittarius to balance their awareness and find some common ground.  Make an effort to remain steady through the changes that come in life.

Capricorn: The Devil

The Capricorn spends most of their time to have it all together. This card advises tem to face their self and reflect on their negative experiences in order to transform themselves spiritually.

Aquarius: The Star

This card describes the Aquarius and its balance between stability and intuition.  The start in the corner reminds these people to believe themselves and stand out through their ideas and innovations.

Pisces: The Moon

The Moon is associated with idealism and dream, representing psychic visions.  It reminds the Pisces to pay attention to their inner energy and act accordingly.



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