YouTuber discovers that cementing your head into a microwave is a bad idea


There has been a fair share of trendy, destructive social-media “challenges” on YouTube over the years: The “Cinnamon Challenge,” the “24-Hour Polar Plunge Challenge” and, at one point in 2014, the “Fire Challenge,” in which — that’s right — you set yourself on fire.

But after a British YouTube prankster’s stunt went so badly Wednesday he required a fire brigade rescue, it seems unlikely that the “Cement-Your-Head-In-A-Microwave Challenge” will gain any traction.

Jay Swingler, a 22-year-old from Wolverhampton, England, runs the TGFbro YouTube channel with his co-star, Romell Henry, who together post videos of themselves playing with explosives, soaking in tubs of fake tanner or trying to set themselves in jelly. Some of his videos have been viewed more than 2 million times.

This week, the pair decided to try something especially dramatic. Swingler put his head inside a microwave, which was then filled with Polyfilla, a spackling paste used to fill holes and cracks in walls. A plastic tube was supposed to help him “actually breathe” as the material solidified and expanded around his head.

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