If Your Husband Frequently Says These Phrases, Your Marriage Is In Crisis


The three main ingredients for a successful marriage are a solid communication, mutual respect, and commitment.

If you hear your husband often repeating these phrases, talk openly with him about your feelings regarding these issues. He should show understanding and respect of your feelings and opinions.

1. “I’m bored”

You should have a change in routine from time to time. Are you happy the way things are? Can you do something to freshen up your relationship? You ought to make efforts to do different things from time to time in order to maintain a fresher, deeper attachment and emotional stability.

2. “You never understand what I’m saying,” or “You don’t understand me”

Males and females are different when it comes to certain views of things. That can lead to problems in communication from time to time. If he often says that he is misunderstood you both should take time and really listen to what the other has to say and focus on what the others’ points are. That is the key to a successful marriage.

3. “You will never change”

Change is hard. If your husband is always nagging that you never change you should talk to him and explain where does your behavior come from. Furthermore, compromise is essential so spouses can be different and behave individually but still make it work.

4. “Why are you not like … ?”

Why the comparisons? If you are constantly compared to your friend, sister, his mother, colleague etc. he doesn’t really appreciate who you are anymore. You should both think through the issue and try to figure it out.

5. “You’re not the person I fell in love with anymore.”

Many, many changes occur as a marriage develops over the years. Some good, some bad, some happy, others nerve-wrecking. If your husband uses this phrase, it hasn’t hit him yet, that he is also not the person you fell in love with in the past You can never be the same once life comes your way. You should both be understanding and face these changes and work things out so you can grow together, and eventually grow old together.

6. “Whatever you say is fine,” or “Whatever you want”

Basically said, “Who cares about you?” It is not the fact that you are the Alpha in the relationship, it is just his lack of passion in intrigue in this marriage. The key to a successful marriage is not comforting with being miserable but trusting and communicating with each other. Take time to solve problems and behaviors together in order to be truly happy.

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