Woman hangs herself after husband takes away her phone because she was always on Facebook and WhatsApp


A young newlywed whose husband complained about her always using Facebook and WhatsApp hanged herself after he took away her mobile phone.

The woman, identified as a 20-year-old called Aparna, from the Kerala region of India, is believed to have argued with her new husband about herfrequent use of the social networking sites .

After the argument, Aparna is thought to have locked herself in her bedroom, ignoring appeals from her family to open the door.

According to The Times of India, Aparna’s husband worked away for long spells as a lorry driver, causing her to spend a lot of time on social media .

But whilst he was at home on Monday, the husband became frustrated that she was constantly on her phone and decided to confiscate it.

The couple are believed to have argued before Aparna locked herself away.

Her worried husband then kicked down the door to find her hanged.

Aparna was rushed to hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

The paper reported that he was so distraught he attempted to commit suicide by jumping from the terrace of the house, but was restrained by family members.


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