Girl With Pale Skin Looks So Different From Her Family That People Think She Has A Disease


For most of us, the concept of being different is usually considered to be a good thing. After all, who wants to be the boring person who looks just like everyone else? Pooja is a young woman who looks as if she hails from Ireland and this shouldn’t be cause for alarm in most instances. Her red hair and freckles would seem to make this a pretty open and shut case.

Pooja is 24 years old and she was not born to Irish parents. Can you believe that her family is actually from Mumbai? Her Indian parents are perplexed about her appearance and we cannot say that we blame them. They were taken aback when she was first born and understandably so. We would probably all have a similar reaction in this type of scenario.

Pooja does not have the faintest idea where she inherited these features from. There are no Irish people in her family tree. At first, the family thought that her freckles were merely a birth defect that would fade with time. They would soon learn that there was no changing her appearance. As for Pooja, she was forced to experience a childhood full of taunts.

Any child who looks different from their peers is going to receive a sizable amount of teasing and Pooja was no different. She was ostracized by the other children and some even accused her of being “diseased”. The bullying that she experienced caused her to come home from school and cry on a number of occasions. Her self-esteem also plummeted as a result of the taunting.

Once she grew older, she was able to leave the town that she grew up in. This caused her to receive a different type of attention. In order to find out more about this beautiful woman and the life that she has lived, please take the time to check out this awesome video. Pooja has lived a life that you could write a book about and she’s got an amazing story to tell.

This is the type of story that needs to be seen in order to be believed. After you have seen this astonishing clip for yourself, take a moment to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. They are definitely going to want to see Pooja with their own eyes and learn more about her story.

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