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Don’t throw away your wine corks. Here are 17 nifty ways to reuse them around the home


Did you know that there is another benefit to drinking lots of wine other than relaxing and having fun? Well, there is if you’re saving your wine corks. There are tons of cool DIY things that you can do with them.

Here are 17 awesome things you can do with those wine corks instead of tossing them out.

Succulent Planter Magnets

It’s a planter but it’s also a magnet… how freakin’ cool is this! Learn how to make them here.


Nothing will seep through these wine cork coasters. May your furniture never have another cup mark again. Learn how to make them here.

Fishing Bobber

You can get a lot of bites with these homemade fishing bobbers. Get the tutorial here.

Wine Glass Tags

Wine is not for sharing. Keep your wine to yourself by making your own wine glass tags. Get the directions here.

Place Card Holders

Place card holders are one thing you don’t have to spend money on for your next event. Here‘s how you can make your own with some wine corks.

Bath Mat

You’re going to have to drink A LOT of wine to make this bath mat. But that’s not a problem for you, right?

Hair Accessory, Necklace, Earrings, Pin, Bracelet, Etc.

You can even wear wine corks by cutting and gluing them into cool shapes. You can even make them different colors by dyeing them with wine. Get some inspiration here.


Need some new knobs? Wine corks can add a cool touch to your cabinets. Get the tutorial here.

Organize Your Jewelry

Use wine corks to create a jewelry organizer. Get the instructions on how to do it here.

Chip Clip

You can NEVER have enough chip clips. Save your dollar and make a slice in a wine cork to keep your chips fresh.

3D Wall Art

Make a 3D piece of wall art from wine corks. You can even dye them with wine for an ombre look. Find out how to make it here.

Make a Chandelier

Get a shabby chic look in your home by making this wine cork chandelier.

Fix Uneven Furniture

Has your furniture become wobbly or uneven? We’ve got a fix for that. Get the details here.

Pin Cushion

You can also turn your wine corks into these ridiculously adorable pin cushions. The chest hair is optional.

Custom Stamps

If you’re handy with a knife, you can make some pretty cool stamps with your used wine corks. Find out here.


Out of candles? Set a wine cork on fire (in a safe holder of course). Boom you have a candle. Find the details on how to do this properly here.

Fire Starters

Soak your wine corks in rubbing alcohol to make your own fire starters. The directions can be found here.

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