Why Should All Troubled School Children Practice Meditation?


The school children are really troubled since they cannot focus on the teacher’s lessons and they are not able to listen to their teachers quietly. That is due to the fact that many of them have been diagnosed with various mental disorders.

A meditation is a method which should be implemented in the treatment of these children. It has many benefits for the mental health. A school in New England has implemented transcendental meditation (TM) for the children to practice and the results were amazing. You can find out more about this in the following video by the children themselves.

Some of the things both teachers and students have said about this type of meditation are:

– “Through the meditation I learned how to sit and focus better than before. I was also able to feel and sense clearly the things people were saying”.

– “Peacefulness is one of the things I could experience during the meditation classes. It is a kind of peaceful resonance which flows around”.

– “Each time I was supposed to stay in school I was nervous since I preferred to stay home and play video games. After I learned to practice meditation techniques I wake up easily and I am ready to start the day and go to school. I also feel more loosened up and relaxed”.

– “A student of mine who came into my class last year was highly volatile and also angry. He would come into my room to ask me if he could practice meditation. I provided a quiet room for him to practice it. He has never been suspended since then”.

– “I think transcendental meditation washes the stress away. It is more like a washing machine”.

Large number of systematic reviews and research papers regarding the amazing effects of the transcendental meditation for school children have been done. You can find out more about those findings in the following text:

– “If the mindfulness interventions are well conducted they can improve both the physical and the mental health.

Moreover, they are also beneficial for the emotional and the social well-being of all children that are involved in this training. Besides these benefits, transcendental meditation relieves anxiety, stress and bad behavior. It regulates the sleep patterns and improves the self-esteem. Regular training and implementation of this technique increases relaxation, calmness, empathy and self-awareness. It also helps the children to manage their emotions and behavior”.

– “Transcendental meditation increases the development of the cognitive skills. It contributes to the performance skills and the executive functioning as well. In that way young people can become more focused and attentive with better memory abilities. It enhances problem solving, reasoning and planning skills too. Children would be able to think in a more innovative manner and effectively use their existing knowledge”.

As a conclusion:

– “Besides all the benefits meditation has on children’s health, the physical, mental and the emotional one, it is also a very cheap method which shows its effects very quickly. It can be applicable in many different contexts and it is civilizing and enjoyable for both the students and the teachers”.

Some students prefer science lessons, while others prefer religion. However, meditationunites both science and religion and it is advisable to be included in the schools curriculum as well.

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