11 Ways Smart People Deal With Toxic People


All people nowadays lead stressful lives due to the multitude of professional and personal responsibilities. The toxic environment and the toxic people we have to deal with are the two major reasons for stress and anxiety. This, in turn, may lead to mental and physical disorders which can affect our well-being.

Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to cope with the negativity in their lives since there isn’t any warning that can help them to be more cautious. On the other hand, there are individuals who rely on their emotional intelligence and intuition to deal with this problem.

Here is how these individuals handle toxic people:

1. They are self-aware

Self-awareness is a powerful prevention tool that can help you to both understand and acknowledge the internal and external threats. Once you learn how to recognize the negativity, you won’t let anyone throw you off your game.

2. They forgive but they can’t forget

High emotional intelligence is the crucial factor in recognizing negative people and handling their toxicity. Emotionally intelligent individuals know that forgiveness is the key to leading harmonious and peaceful life. However, they will never forget the betrayal because that will help them to focus on building strong bonds with trustworthy people.

3. They aren’t affected by circumstance

We must admit that it is really difficult to remain emotionally neutral when you are dealing with toxic people. However, resilience is absolutely necessary and one of the most important attributes of emotionally intelligent people. Even if toxic people knock you down, your resilience will help you to come back stronger than ever.

4. They establish boundaries very quickly

Smart people have an innate quality to be effective and productive, which enables them to mitigate all detectable threats quickly. So, while dealing with a toxic person, they will take an effective action. This doesn’t mean being abrasive and rude but unambiguous, polite and firm.

5. They are ″energy-smart″

Toxic people love to hurt others and drain their energy. On the other hand, smart people know how to maintain their energy supply. This gives them the ability to stay calm and take a positive action.

6. They focus on their tasks

Although toxic people will do their best to distract others from their work, smart people know how to stay focused on their own tasks and ignore them.

7. They look for support

Smart people understand the importance and value of teamwork and mentorship. They are driven individuals who want a better life for both themselves and their family. When they are affected by toxic people, they turn to their co-workers and trust mentors to look for support.

8. They are able to neutralize the negative self-talk

Toxic people make others prone to self-criticism and negative self-talk. However, smart people can quickly recognize and neutralize the counterproductive thoughts without letting them destroy their self-esteem.

9. They are focused on solutions

Dealing with toxic people is a problem that demands a proper solution. Emotionally intelligent people are able to find solutions for the problems that emerge in their lives. They will assess all possible options and take a corresponding action.

10. They avoid trivial arguments

Toxic people love to start arguments while smart people know that responding, in the same manner, is useless and pointless. They are able to control their emotions and avoid arguments because they know it’s not worth getting drawn in.

11. They can recognize false kindness

Toxic people often try to win others by showering them with gestures of love and compliments. They do this because they need something. However, they are not so complimentary towards someone they are not interested in. Smart people are able to recognize their false kindness because their emotional intelligence helps them to identify people’s true intentions.

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