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Till visa do us part? Jamaican teen romances UK woman over Skype


Is it real or is this a tale of a ‘citizenship’ romance?

When 38-year-old Angharad Lovering from Wales returned from a three-week holiday in Jamaica to meet up with her much younger beau, she knew she was in love.

Lovering discovered she was pregnant for the then 19-year-old Loric Bullock and took it as a sign that they were meant to be.

The lovebirds first got to know each other when the mother of two took her daughter Daisy (whose father is Jamaican) to meet her grandparents in 2012.  She met Loric, now 22, through another guy and the two started talking on Blackberry Messenger. The courtship didn’t stop when she went back to the UK; Loric kept in touch with her through BBM and Skype

Six months after the proposal Lovering went on a three-week holiday to Portmore to see her beau in person.

“I thought he would just be nice to chat to but we completely fell for each other. We got on really well and then he said ‘I love you,” she told the Daily Mail.

“When I got home and found out I was pregnant we saw it as a sign that we were meant to be.”

He proposed via text just weeks later, despite having only seen each other in person once. Lovering accepted and took out a loan to pay for the 3,000 pound sterling temporary visa for her new fiancé.

She gave birth to their baby boy, Tyrese in October 2013 but it wasn’t until March of the following year that Loric finally got his visa to go to the UK. It was just the second time he’d physically laid eyes on his fiancé.

Loric and Lovering married in May to secure his visa, and now live together in Cardiff, Wales. The 38-year-old mom insists that they’re the real deal. What do you think?