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Ten Years Ago She Abandoned Her Baby In An Empty House — Now She Is A National Celebrity


A couple walking down the street called the police when they heard loud crying coming from an abandoned house in Moscow.

Police were horrified when they found a 1-year-old baby girl lying on a dirty floor, all alone.

Authorities rushed the starving and exhausted baby to the hospital, where is was discovered she had endured a broken hip.

Doctors assumed the baby had been left alone at least a week without food or water.

Police later discovered the baby girl was named Liza Verbitskaya. An attempt to reach her parents turned up fruitless.

Liza was going to be taken to a local orphanage and put up for adoption once she left the hospital.

That’s when a woman in the hospital named Inna Nika overhead Liza story and decided to adopt her.

Liza had trouble walking due to her broken hip, so Inna signed her up for dance classes, and she quickly began improving.

When she turned 12-years-old, Liza became a teen model, after winning several local beauty pageants.

That’s when Liza’s biological mother attempted to get in touch with her.

Luckily, Liza had found a loving family that can give her all of the love and care she needs.

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