This teenager is suing DMV because they didn’t allow him to wear makeup for his driving license’s photo


A 16-year-old teenager from the US is suing the Department of Motor Vehicles.

16-year-old Chase Culpepper from Anderson, South Carolina, was so offended by the DMV that he turned to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund in order to file a lawsuit and fight for his rights to… wear makeup.

According to official reports, the 16-year-old boy went to get his driver’s license, but he chose to wear his favorite daytime makeup. However, the DMV forced him to remove his makeup because it was confusing people about his real gender. At that time Chase didn’t really know what exactly is wrong with everybody and why the authorities didn’t let him use his everyday makeup.

Despite he was told that he doesn’t fit the traditional gender look he insisted to have makeup on his photo. Later in an interview, he stated that there is nothing wrong with wearing everyday makeup and according to the law there is no reason for him to be denied. His mother said that telling her such things was very hurtful and that’s who her son is 24/7.

Chase was offended by the demand as he believes posing for a photograph without makeup is actually a misrepresentation of himself.

The TLDEF has filed a lawsuit on Chase’s behalf. They believe that the DMV have violated Chase’s rights of free expression and speech by discriminating against his gender choice, because it’s not their role to chose how a male or a female should look.

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