When driving at night, it’s really easy to overlook a lot of things, especially when it is super late at night. And that could have been the case for these 2 teen boys, Hunter Hasenjaeger and Collin Barry, but thankfully, these two had the right mindset and stopped when they came across a devastating car crash.

The two boys came to a halt a little after midnight when they saw an accident along a quiet country road that was covered in debris. They could see and hear people screaming for help. But it took them a minute to actually understand what they were saying. Then they heard the chilling words.

“They were screaming, saying there was a baby in the car, and we could hear the baby screaming and crying,” said Hasenjaeger.

But these two boys, Hasenjaeger (16) and Barry (17) didn’t even wait to think about what to do next. They just did it. Hasenjaeger shined a light into the damaged car while Barry reached inside, doing whatever he could to try and free the baby girl from her car seat.

The baby girl’s mother, Alexis Danley, 27 years old, was not in good condition. Which worried the two boys.

“I just kept telling the mom that her baby was OK and that she was OK and that she’d be fine. She couldn’t really respond. But I knew that she most likely heard me,” said Hasenjaeger.

They waited for police to arrive, and during that time, the two boys comforted Danley’s daughter, who had settled into Barry’s arms.

“We took her out and she quit crying. The baby was so peaceful like she wasn’t crying or anything, so if the family was gonna see [what happened], just wanted them to know the baby wasn’t freaking out or anything,” said Barry.

After police arrived, Danley’s daughter was taken to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Joliet to be evaluated and was later released to family members. But sadly, Danley didn’t make it.

As hard as it may be, we are just so thankful that these two teens were there to help save the baby girl and comfort her when she needed it the most. They truly are heroes! And our thoughts and prayers go out to the Danley family during this time. We wish you all the best!

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