VIDEO: Students viciously attack bus driver in Green Island, Hanover


The police have launched a probe following reports of another vicious mass attack that was reportedly carried out by high school students.

The latest attack took place in Green Island, Hanover, and was reportedly carried out by a group of students from the school bearing the community’s name, against a male driver who appeared to be responsible for a school bus in the town.

A two-minute video of the incident shows the male purchasing an item from a vendor at a bus stop before being surrounded by a group of male students, who begin to hurl threats at the man.

One of the students, who has a ‘chopper’ in his hand, is seen hitting the man in the face, following which the attack intensifies, with other students joining the assault on the man.

All of this takes place while some female students are recording the incident as ‘coming live from Green Island’, and cheering on the attackers during the expletives-laden incident.

The driver tries to run to the bus, and is chased and further beaten by the boys, who also use stones to break a side window on the bus.

The police have since launch a probe to find out the date the incident took place, and the students who were involved.

A number of other mass attacks by students, mostly boys, have been reported over recent times, including a recent one in a bus park in Port Antonio, Portland, during which a man was viciously beaten by a group of male students.

The video outline below shows some of the actual occurrence at Green Island, minus the elements that are not fit for general public consumption.

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