Why You Settle For Boys Who Don’t Deserve You


While the title suggests that this article is about men who take you for granted, the truth is that it isn’t! Forget about the men who will not text you for a few hours, the ones who flirt with others right in front of your eyes, the ones who are still on tinder while you are already together. ..This isn’t about them, but about you instead.

As harsh as it seems, the truth is that you are unable to change one`s character or control their behavior, no matter how hard you try.  People change only if they choose to do so.  You simply cannot turn a bad guy into good one.  You are not able to make them text you back.  You can try virtually anything, from getting a tan and losing weight to changing your hair color, but you cannot force them to love you the way you want them to do.  But, why would you want to force someone to love you, after all?

The people you chose to associate with are a mirror of how you see yourself.

Dating losers and assholes is a reflection of your low self-esteem. If you feel like you cannot live without having a man at all times, you actually depend on the attention of a guy to feel good, strong, and worthy.  This is quite a dangerous thing, so beware! It means that you need a guy to complete you, not just compliment you.  The faster you understand that a relationship is something to enjoy rather than something to rely on, the better.

You cannot love someone until you love yourself.  If you want to be treated well and with respect, you should make sure you treat yourself that way.

Think about the way you treat your body, for instance. Do you eat a lot, do you smoke, do you eat all junk, do you spend most of the time in your rooms with the curtains closed?  Then, start treating yourself with the love and respect you want others to treat you. If you want a man to love you, love yourself then!

START looking in the mirror and say, “I am whole and complete on my own and nobody can change how I think about myself.” or whatever affirmation you need. For instance, if you feel stupid, tell yourself you are smart. If you feel ugly, tell yourself you are beautiful. Feel free to fake it until you eventually make it, as one day you will start to truly believe in it!

You get what you attract.

If you are confident with a high self-esteem, you will change the kind of guys you attract. You will start to treat yourself the way you really deserve, and you will start to attract guys that do the same. Soon, you will not settle for anything else that this.



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