How to Love a Woman Who Has Been Through Hell & Back


Difficult times are an essential part of life, as there is both good and bad in this world.  This wears hard on the more sensitive people with soft hearts, and yesterday`s trauma can turn into today`s depression.  This is why for a woman who has been through hell finding someone capable of loving her can be quite challenging.  Patience and strength are more than necessary for a person who is going to date a woman who has gone through hell and back.

This woman will test you and push you all the time.  Her emotions are changeable and you have to constantly deal with them.  But, you must love her no matter what. She has been hurt and the fear of going through hell again is the only reason for her unpredictable behavior.

1. She’s afraid that she will be hurt again. Explaining this to her will not change anything — only love can do that

A hurt woman rarely shows a weakness and although she never admits, even to herself, she is insecure. Sometimes she will want you with her, other times she will ask you to leave. Only love can change her for the better, words will not.

2. But when she pushes you away, relax. Like floating in the ocean, no amount of fighting will break the waves; only time can do that

Experiences are limited to any woman who has been hurt, as new experiences are difficult for her. She is vulnerable and afraid of being hurt again, which is the reason why she is hesitant to put her guard down.  Instead of being her knight in shining armor, try to bring her closer to her own comfort.

3. Especially when she is scared, share your love

Being ridiculed or abandoned for her fears is something she is used to.  Even worse, many people would take advantage or her fears.  Being herself has harmed her many times, so she is afraid of being her own self and revealing her true personality.

4. She’ll feel inadequate for your love

There is no need to prove anything to her; all you have to do is to continue loving her and making her forget about her feelings of inadequacy.

5. Her love will be tenuous

Very often, she will be unable to feel what is in her heart.  The reason for this is the presence of her scars that haven’t healed.  She kind of expects you to hurt or leave her, so she will try to sabotage the relationships.  However, instead of giving up and leave her alone, make an effort to love her anyway.

6. She seeks to be in control

Very often, she will try to have control over everything, simply because this is her way to deal with her powerlessness.  Calmly walk away in this situation, and continue loving her the way you did.

7. You’ve chosen each other, for better or for worse

The bottom line is that you have chosen each other, for better or for worse.  So, even when things seem anything but bright, your love will help you pull everything off and will carry you through.


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