Man Buys Old Yellow School Bus For $2,200, Then Completely Transforms It Into Gorgeous Tiny Home


We’ve seen a variety of school bus tiny homes, ranging from ones purchased by young couples searching for a freewheeling lifestyle to more grown-up versions renovated to house five-person families.

It seems like living in a school bus would be too cramped, but once you look at the insides of these buses, it’s obvious they’re not only cozy and comfortable but also spacious (and bigger than most New York City apartments, honestly).

One man who had been considering building a tiny home for a while decided that instead of doing a traditional tiny house or RV, he’d convert an old school bus into a creative home.

He’d never built anything before, but that didn’t stop him from throwing himself into the project and completely transforming the school bus. You have to see what it looks like now — it’s unrecognizable!

SOURCEImgur / Intalleyvision

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