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Rooster Runs To The End Of Family’s Driveway Every Day— you’ll Lose It When You See Why


Savannah is unlike other girls in that she doesn’t have a fish, a doggy, or a kitty as a pet. She owns a rooster, which she named Frog. Now that’s a pretty unusual thing to name a rooster, but that’s just the beginning of the quirkiness that begins to define these two amazing, and inseparable friends.

According to Savannah’s mother, Holley, when the school bus brings Savannah home, Frog will run faster than a speeding bullet so that it’ll be there to greet her. Now that’s a true testament of their friendship.

In the mornings, Frog has to say goodbye to his dear friend, Savannah, as she goes off to school. If only we’d had a friend like this who was willing to give us so much love when we were 13. Frog will literally stay with her at then of the driveway, until Savannah gets on the bus to go to school. That’s adorbs!

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