Psychological Test: Which One is Not a Family?


A lot of psychologists use different tests or other assessment tools so they can observe and measure the behavior of the client and set a diagnosis in order to guide them through the treatment – if necessary.

Psychological assessment and testing are not something to be feared from. This is not a usual test and you do not have to study for it. This is an opportunity for psychologists so they can determine the best way to help someone. They try to understand how they perceive the world that surrounds them.

This is an example for one of those tests.

Which one do you think is not a real family?

If you answered with number 1

It is likely that you are not a person who is family oriented and it is possible that you have grown without a father or a strong father figure. Like you noticed, it looks like the father is not paying attention and does not care, while the mother tries to keep him away from her child. You are caring person and like to help others, and you try to have a positive influence in other people’s lives. However, you are uncertain and do not know how to answer the question what a real family is.

If you answered with number 2

It is a picture with a loving and happy family. There are two parents and they both love their child.

If you think this family is not real, it can mean that you have a traumatic psychological illness, which can be a consequence of you living in a dysfunctional family.

You might see a fake family in the picture, if one of your parents has used drugs, has been an alcoholic or has suffered from a severe mental illness.

If you answered with number 3

Family means everything to you and you know its importance. In the picture the parents are only focused on themselves, the woman wears a short skirt and the father is not paying attention. You believe in stable and strong relationships and in a happy and loving marriage, surrounded and living in a happy environment with all members of the family.

Do you think it is correct?

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