Police: Woman stabs husband because he spit on her


LAS VEGAS – According to an arrest report, Shirron Gayles-Zanders told police she stabbed her husband, Kerry Zanders, because he spit on her. 

The stabbing happened on the 1100 block of Strada Pecei in Henderson Saturday morning.

Kerry Zanders’ daughter called police at 10:32 a.m. Police say they were instructed to wait at the guard gated entrance to the housing development until police arrived.

Around 11:15, Shirron Gayles-Zanders told police that her husband was at the home and “that he hadn’t waited as he had been instructed.”

Police told Shirron that officers were on their way and to try to remain separated until they arrived.

At 11:23, Shirron called 911 again: “I think I just killed my husband”.

According to the report, Shirron told police that a fight broke out between the two and quickly  escalated.

“Shirron said that Kerry then attempted to put his cigarette out on her face by pushing it towards her eye. Shirron reacted by smacking his hand with hers and the cigarette went flying,” the report states.

Shirron told investigators that Kerry spit on her face and she “snapped”.

She said that once she started stabbing him, she was “committed” to killing Kerry for what he did. Kerry died of multiple stab wounds.

Shirron was transported to the Henderson Detention Center wheres he was booked.

When police asked Shirron how she felt about what she had done, Shirron said that she felt bad but she reiterated that spitting on a person is the “absolute disrespect and that she just reacted.”

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