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Police Found This 4-Year-Old Alone And Wearing Makeup And Realized She’d Run Away From Her Home


You don’t expect to see many people wandering around in the early hours of the morning. And you especially don’t expect to see a little girl strolling around all alone with seemingly no idea where she is or where she’s going. But on the day before Halloween in 2017, this was just what was happening on the streets of Plano, Texas.

Yes, a four-year-old girl was found roaming around on her own near an apartment complex. And those who saw the little girl, who apparently had no parent in sight, couldn’t help but be worried.

Yet, seemingly unaware of any potential danger that she might have been in, the little girl did not appear to show any signs of distress. But when a four-year-old is found in such a situation there are questions that need to be asked.

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