He pointed the camera to the sky, capturing this incredible display of nature


Microbursts occur when strong winds and rain combine in the sky and crash to the ground. From a distance, the impact of a microburst looks exactly like the cloud-like fallout that occurs when a bomb is dropped from an aircraft. A videographer was able to capture a series of the natural occurrences on camera in Arizona. The cameraman, Bryan Snider, had his camera set up to record time-lapse footage for a project on which he was working.


While the tape was rolling, Snider’s camera captured the microbursts. According to a video of Snider’s footage which was uploaded to YouTube channel BarcroftTV, microbursts take place in a radius of two and a half miles, and the winds that makeup microbursts can be as fast as 150 miles per hour. Australian meteorologist Rob Sharpe said that people typically mistake microbursts from “weak tornadoes” that happen during severe thunderstorms. Sharpe said that even though microbursts look cool, they are very dangerous as the impact from microbursts can be devastating.

Most commenters on the Barcroft TV video thought that the video captured the beauty and wildness of nature. However, one of the commenters on the YouTube video said that a microburst hit his neighborhood and there was nothing beautiful about it. AOK toyz wrote, “We live in Tucson as well. One of these hit our neighborhood and uprooted huge tree, knocked out power, ripped the roof off of some houses, blew out windows. It is like being in a hurricane.”

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