Pink Invites War Veteran On Stage For Duet. Reveals His Identity And The Crowd Goes Wild


When Pink took to the stage in New York City, her fans were in for a real treat when she invited a Vietnam war veteran to join her on stage to perform a song with her.

If this wasn’t enough, she had a further surprise in store for her adoring audience when she announced that it was actually her dad! Needless to say, the audience went wild.

Her father, Jim Moore was in the audience to see his daughter perform when she decided to call him on stage. Together, they performed the song ‘have I ever seen the rain’ which Jim wrote whilst serving in Vietnam. I’m sure he never imagined that he would be performing it with his daughter on stage nearly 40 years later!

It’s clear to see that talent runs in the family and according to Pink, her father is the main reason she has been so successful in her chosen profession. Take a look at this heartwarming performance below.

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