A family living in Clovis, New Mexico managed to capture more than they bargained for on their home security camera. While having dinner on Tuesday evening they saw a guest that was unexpected, walk across their driveway on the security camera installed. However, it was not a normal guest, it was a ghost. 

Brenna Hernandez said that as soon as she saw what had walked across their driveway her hair stood up on end and she went on to say that she had never seen anything like it before. The family cannot explain what they saw on the security camera, but it certainly looks like a ghostly figure.


The pair was having dinner when her husband happened to look over to his right at the footage of the security camera of their driveway. What he saw made him jump up from his dinner and run over to the screen. He asked if it was a person that had just walked past and the pair decided that it certainly was not a typical person that was walking across the driveway. What they saw was something that resembled a person from another world, perhaps a ghost.

Hernandez said that the figure can be seen clearly and there does seem to be some movement of the arms or legs as it is moving. She went on to say that she had asked around about the property and it does have a history. She went on to say that she had spoken to a man who knew about the history of the house. He told her that some years ago he had an uncle who bought a house on the corner lot and then his uncle died. The property was vacant until it was demolished for new duplexes to be built.

Hernandez went on to say that her husband is worried about ghosts in the house but she had always brushed it off. Now though after seeing the ghostly image walk across their driveway she says she has changed her mind and will be keeping her eye on the security cameras a lot closer than she did before.


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