One Day You’ll Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Someone


One day you will become the reason why someone restores their faith in life and believes again.  Regains their confidence and believes in their potential, their capabilities, and their worth as you reveal all the areas they hid, all the aspects they ignored, and all the aspects they believed no one will ever notice.

One day you will become the person someone else is looking for their entire life.  You will be the person they ever dreamed of.  You will be the person they thought that are impossible to get and they could never find on this earth.  You will be their world, their idea of perfection, their all!  Therefore, they will do anything they can to make you stay in their life forever.

One day you will be the reason why someone doesn’t run away anymore; the reason they stay.  You will be the one who makes them want to feel happy and confident about themselves and willing to finally settle down. You will do what no one else ever could.  You will be the one who makes them believe in fairy tales and “live happily ever after.”

One day you will be the person who mends someone`s heat. You will be the one who makes them smile and feel appreciated and loved again. You will be the one who soothes their troubled mind and takes their pain away. The one who healed a broken heart and taught it how to love.

One day you will make love look fun, easy, and enjoyable for someone.  It won`t be toxic or one-sided, rather exciting, passionate, and mutual. It will be the kind of love that comes after all the wrong choices in the past.

One day you will be the virtually the best thing that ever happened to that person.  They will be grateful for you every single day and will cherish your presence in their life. They will thank God for your love and for all the things you give them on a daily basis.  They will be happy and joyful because of YOU!

Last but not least, on day you will finally comprehend the reasons why everyone else left, why they weren’t the right for you, and why none of your relationships ever lasted.  You will finally understand that you have been waiting for the one who brings the best of you and you do the same to them!

Remember that one day you will become the person who does make it do the end. You will know that the long search is over at last, and your happy ending is right here in front of you!


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