If You Notice These Signs The World Spirit Is Trying To Protect You

If you have felt like you are being observed although there is no one around you if you get goosebumps and chills while the temperature in the room is normal or if you see feathers and dimes in strange places it could mean that the world spirit is protecting and guarding you.

The following signs indicate you are being protected and helped by the world spirit:


We live in a 3D world while the ethereal one vibrates on a higher level. The world spirit will use radios, computers, televisions, lights and cell phones in order to transmit messages. During times of distress, you will notice these signs even more. Your spirit guide or deceased loved person may try to communicate you in this way. For example, you are thinking of your deceased loved person for a moment and at the same time, you hear a song which lets you know that your loved one is protecting you. During such moments we learn the dimensions of the ethereal world which tunes out into our own world.


The world spirit is trying to warn you or protect you if you feel chills or coldness all over your body when the room temperature has not changed. Besides coldness, you can also feel the heat. These changes cause discomfort which forces us to be more attentive and aware of the surrounding. They may also convey weird and mystical kind of protection especially if you feel them in a car or other places besides your house. It means you should watch out your thoughts and ask your spirit guide for more signs. The world spirit works through telepathy which means it can sense all your emotions and thoughts.


If you see numbers appearing in sequence on the clock, in license plates, mailbox or addresses it may have special meaning. The author of the metaphysical subjects, Doreen Virtue claims that angels communicate us through number sequences. If you pay more attention to the repetition of the numbers you may find out what is the message that your angels or deceased loved people are trying to convey.


The world spirit brings to our minds memories through some familiar fragrances. The smell of flowers such as roses or gardenias in a place without flowers or smell of cigarettes in your car may indicate that your deceased father is trying to tell you that you should slow down a bit. Sensing various smells forces you to pay attention to your environment especially if you are struggling with depression and frustration. Next time you sense the smell of fragrances thank your guides and angels.


If your cat starts running around or the dog is barking in the room corner when no one is around it may signify that they see and sense something you cannot. Their reaction of what they sense may be different, some animals will express their fear through strange behavior while others will only wag their tails. If you notice these signs, clean the air by sagging the room or house. Do not keep your mind so busy otherwise, you will not be able to notice the messages that the world spirit is conveying.

Through these signs, the ethereal world is trying to reach out to you. Do not expect miracles on large scale to happen. A miracle may be the moment of shutting the stove down if an impending harm is on its way to affect a small child while the pot is boiling. The ethereal world will also use your pets in order to protect you from harm. Do not forget to say prayers and connect yourself with your higher self through moments of silence especially if you were being warned of an impending danger. In that way, you prevent the assault to happen, especially if you have previously addressed your higher self through prayer and gratitude. The beautiful dimension of the world spirit is around us in order to help us follow the path of light and love.

Source: powerofpositivity.com

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